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Cutera Excel V+ at Summerlin Dermatology

nose veins treated with the cutera excel v

Cutera Excel V+ - used to treat telangiectasia on the nose.

Cutera Excel V+ is an advanced technology that treats superficial veins on the face and the deep blue veins that appear on men and women’s legs. The ugly leg and facial veins are no longer a problem that you have to live with. Summerlin Dermatology offers this treatment and is just one of the few clinics using this advanced technology.

How does it work?

Cutera is a laser wavelength that has flexible parameters that makes it a superior laser system. It is unique and a perfect treatment for noticeable veins in different areas of the body. Including deep blue and tiny spider veins. It delivers safe and fast treatment for patients with any type of skin pigment. The Cutera Excel V+ system sends light energy pulses that cause the blood in the vein to coagulate and eventually get absorbed in the body. Blood flow resumes to the normal veins which are below surface of the skin. To get good results a patient will be advised by the professional administering the procedure on how many treatments are required for a proper outcome. However, this is usually determined by the color, size and number of veins that are to be treated. Your medical professional will analyze and advise you on the time it will take to treat your condition with outstanding results.

What To Expect

The Cutera Excel V+ treatment is not painful, but you will feel stinging sensation during the process. A feeling comparable to a rubber band snap. Most aestheticians do not find it necessary to use anesthesia, but you can ask for a topical anesthetic before the treatment if you are more sensitive to pain. After the procedure, there is very little pain and some patients do not feel any at all. The cure is not instant, but most patients begin to see positive results between two and six months after treatment. The final results can be seen clearly after a few months.

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