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About Skin Tags

Dr. Reuel Aspacio and his team of certified medical professionals at Summerlin Dermatology encounter a gamut of benign skin growths on a daily basis. Skin tags are flesh-colored lesions typically seen on the neck, the armpits, below the breasts, and even the groin. These are usually asymptomatic. However, some patients find them itchy or irritating.

These flesh-colored skin growths (also known as acrochordon) are harmless and may range from a pinhead-sized bump to the size of a pencil eraser. While skin tags do not require medical treatment, you may want skin tags removed if they create irritation when they rub against clothing. You may also consider having a skin tag removed if it's in a visible location, like your eyelid or another area of your face. Evaluation by a skilled dermatologist such as Dr. Aspacio may ease your anxiety about these lesions. If you are seeking a cosmetically elegant result as a treatment option for skin growths, lesions, skin tags or seborrheic keratosis in the Las Vegas, NV area, schedule an appointment at Summerlin Dermatology.

Known Causes

Skin tags are so common that it is reported many adults have at least one. Skin tags typically develop from the friction of skin rubbing against clothing or other skin. They most commonly form in the armpits, on the chest, neck, eyelids, and in the folds of the groin. In women, skin tags may also develop beneath the breasts. You may develop skin tags more often if you are overweight or as you age. In addition, hormone elevations during pregnancy can also cause an increase in the formation of skin tags.

Presenting Symptoms

A skin tag is either flesh colored or brown. They can vary in size from as small as 1mm to around the size of a grape. The growth may be smooth or wrinkled, and most are attached to the skin by a small stalk. Skin tags do not cause pain and they are not contagious. If the skin tag gets twisted and cut off from the blood supply, it may turn red or black.

Treatment Options

Skin tags often do not need treatment, but you may want one or a group of them removed. Skin tags can get caught in jewelry or clothing, which can cause irritation, redness, and sometimes bleeding. You may also want to eliminate them for cosmetic reasons (if it is on your face or another visible area). To remove a skin tag, Dr. Aspacio may perform a surface layer surgical excision; other treatment options include destruction by electrocautery, cryotherapy, or laser.

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Safe and Effective Removals

If you have skin tags that are irritating or unattractive, Dr. Aspacio can assess and remove them for medical and cosmetic reasons. There are a number of treatment options for skin tag removal that Dr. Aspacio can discuss with you before creating your customized treatment plan. Summerlin Dermatology invites you to contact our Las Vegas, NV office to schedule a consultation for skin tag removal.

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